Stones for Bread: A Critique of Contemporary Worship

by A. Daniel Frankforter. Westminster John Knox Press, 2001.

“Worship is a source of the food that sustains spirit and nurtures character,” says author A. Daniel Frankforter. That’s why tradition-driven “worship which is little more than the perpetuation of old habits weighs heavily on the soul.” But market-driven worship that panders to popular appetites also fails to nourish. Both approaches offer stones for bread. Jesus says responsible human parents would never give their children such a “meal.” Why, then, does the contemporary church offer such "food" to God’s children? Without presenting rejuvenation strategies, the author guides church leaders in rethinking what they and their churches are about, so that they may forge their own biblically informed paths to renewal. Frankforter recognizes that his critique is hard-hitting, and that the ultimate solution—which must focus on God and not our own entertainment—will require both faith and faithfulness. For any church seeking renewal and willing to take a hard look at itself, 'Stones for Bread' could be a useful tool.