Teaming Up: Shared Leadership In Youth Ministry

by Ginny Ward Holderness, Robert S. Hay. Westminster John Knox Press, 1997.

"The genius of Ginny's approach is having theory and rationale stated as well as interpreted into action- She provides the reader with actual accounts of her ideas on developing an effective youth-led youth ministry. She instructs the reader on how to enlist effective leaders, both youth and adult, create "lock-ins," and develop a variety of youth retreats that meet the different needs of youth by including a myriad of activities. She also gives actual illustrations of establishing rituals that grow out of youth experience. We all know how important these rituals are in theory, but we are not always sure about what they look like in practice- This is a key document for anyone who cares about doing a good job in youth ministry."

-Sara Little (from forward)

Description of book from Amazon: Best-selling Christian educator Ginny Ward Holderness and Robert S. Hay give us a comprehensive guide and workbook that involves youth in their own ministry programs and encourages them to become the church leaders of the future. According to Ward and Hay, the key to effective youth ministry is shared leadership between youth and adult leaders. The techniques presented in this book will help readers create healthy and thriving youth ministry programs.