The Color of Light: Commissioning Stained Glass for A Church

by Sarah Hall. Liturgy Training Publications, 2007.

How does a congregation go about the task of designing and implementing stained glass work? This book articulates a format for the commissioning process, helpful to both the church and the artist. The first few chapters establish a definition of stained glass, materials involved, how they are designed, crafted, and installed, and techniques used to create special effects. Included is a capsule history of major artistic periods that would help a church decide upon traditional or contemporary design.

The most helpful chapter offers a step-by-step guide to the commissioning process with forthright "to do" lists and frequently asked questions including different examples of committee solutions to design issues and questions to ask a potential designer. Appendices include a glossary of 75 terms, a list of resource suggestions, and information to use when contacting artists. Generously illustrated with color photos, this resource contains concise explanations helpful to building, renovation or art committees exploring stained glass as well as pastors, architects, and liturgical designers.

This book is not a good resource for in-depth advice on restoration or rehabilitation of previously installed windows, but includes a few paragraphs on window care and restoration in an appendix.