The Disciple Making Church: From Dry Bones to Spiritual Vitality

by Glenn McDonald. FaithWalk Publishing, 2004.

When a church decides to take a more systematic and spiritual – rather than programmatic – approach to the life of Jesus, discipleship becomes the curriculum for the whole church. This is the story of how one church (Zionsville Presbyterian Church, Zionsville, IN) made that transition. (from ICC Resource Guide)

Glenn McDonald was the busy senior pastor of a large and growing congregation in the suburbs of Indianapolis, when, late one night, a single question launched a journey that changed every facet of life at Zionsville Presbyterian Church. As a lengthy board meeting was about to wrap up, a board member asked, 'How long would it take for someone who visitis our church to learn about his or her need for Jesus and to find out what to do about it?' After a long and hollow silence, a profound transformation began. All 'canned programs' for ministry--along with a focus on the 'ABCs' of attendance, building and cash--went by the boards as everything about the church was examined in the light of Christ's charge to 'go forth and make disciples'. The Disciple-Making Church divides the transformation in two parts--six discipling relationships and the six marks of a disciple.
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formerly entitled, although never published: Discipleship: Growing Healthy Churches One Person at a Time