The ePolicy Handbook: Designing and Implementing Effective E-Mail, Internet, and Software Policies

by Nancy Flynn. AMACOM Books, 2001.

A single off-color e-joke can land a company in court. Here is crucial protection against litigation, theft, and squandered resources.

Regulating company e-mail and Internet usage isn’t a "big brother" tactic. These days, it’s just smart business.
That’s because trillions of e-mails travel each year through corporate networks—and they’re not all work-related. From off-color jokes to pornographic images, from software pirates to eBay addicts, digital abuse has left companies wide open to liability risks, security breaches, and productivity nosedives.
The most effective, and least used, way for a company to protect itself is by developing clear, comprehensive e-policies. And this completely thorough, up-to-date, and readable e-policy survival kit will make it easy.
Packed with step-by-step guidelines, sample policies, and e-disaster stories, The E-Policy Handbook helps readers: Realize the magnitude of e-risks - Understand cyberlaws - Gauge the vulnerability of their organization - Purchase protective cyber-insurance - Write and format top-notch e-policies - Train employees about on-line policies -Draft an e-crisis communications plan, and more.