The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook: Strategies & Tools for Building a Learning Organization

by Peter M. Senge, Art Kleiner, and others. Crown Publishers, 1994.

As the "how to do it" companion to 'The Fifth Discipline,' the 'Fieldbook' is Peter Senge's compendium of nuts-and-bolts applications for building a "learning organization." The importance of the "learning organization" approach to faith communities lies in its open commitment to the ongoing growth and development of both organization and individual. Open the 'Fieldbook' at random and encounter immediately practical applications for working with self, work groups, or an entire congregation. A bonus rather than a drawback is thinking through Senge's business orientation to find the parallels for a faith community, its leaders, its committees, and its membership. Wide margins are laced with cross-references to related sections of this and other books, so one may better grasp both the "why's" and the extensive interrelationships. Whether one is a consultant, lay leader, or ordained leader, Senge's tools, approaches and rationales provide immediately useful additions to one's practice.