The Lampo Group, Inc.

Brentwood, TN. (888) 227-3223.

The Lampo Group, Inc. was founded in 1988 by Dave Ramsey, a personal money management expert. Their mission statement is "The Lampo Group, Inc. is providing Biblically based, common sense education and empowerment which gives HOPE to everyone from the financially secure to the financially distressed." Dave Ramsey is a popular national radio personality whose talk show, "The Dave Ramsey Show" offers financial advise to individuals and families. Ramsey is the author of "Financial Peace"; "More than Enough"; and "The Total Money Makeover". The later has a supplemental web-based membership program at

Ramsey created the Financial Peace University (FPU) which is a 13-week program (video series) that helps people get out of debt and learn to control their money and save. These classes are offered at churches, workplace, local nonprofit organizations, etc.

"No Matter What" is a video curriculum, featuring Dave Ramsey as the presenter, that equips teens to make wise financial decisions, learn to live debt free, and make plans for their financial future. The video series includes 7 sessions.

The Lampo Group also trains financial counselors who can serve in churches or non profits. This training is held in Brentwood, TN. On the website under "Financial Counselors" - "Find a Counselor" there are contacts for Ramsey trained financial counselors listed by state.