The Pastoral Care of Children

by Daniel H. Grossoehme BCC. Haworth Press, Inc., 1999.

Beginning with a definition of pastoral care, 'The Pastoral Care of Children' explores the unique perspective and needs of children at all ages and in a variety of situations—ranging from chronic illness to death. Editor Daniel Grossoehme helps readers explore issues they might be uncomfortable with (such as debilitating illness and praying with children) and to evaluate how personal values can affect the ability to listen to and hear children. While providing practical models of interactions, Grossoehme encourages the development of a personal working model that includes ritual and prayer from one’s own tradition. Grounded in respect for the dignity and personhood of the child, this book will be helpful to the lay or ordained minister involved in any aspect of children’s ministry. It lends itself equally to the evaluation of a program or an individual. While it provides information for crises, optimally it will point the way to building a strong ministry to all children in a congregation.