The Power of Team Leadership: Finding Strength in Shared Responsibility

by George Barna. WaterBrook Press, 2001.

Based upon his research of churches operating in the “real world,” George Barna has approached the area of ministry teams with eyes wide open to the advantages of teams, as well as how to deal with some of the problems that arise. He builds a biblical case for ministry teams by examining how Moses, Nehemiah, Jesus, and Paul gathered potentially gifted individuals together to carry out ministry. His thesis is: “Leadership works best when it is provided by teams of gifted leaders serving together in pursuit of a clear and compelling vision.” (p. 8) The source offers guidance in identifying people for ministry and choosing team leaders with complementary aptitudes. While the whole book is quite practical, the sections on how to transition to team-led ministry, the dangers and challenges of team ministry, and examining which option is best for a church appear to be quite relevant to anyone considering the use of ministry teams. At the end are twelve reflective questions to help leaders assess their readiness for sharing ministry responsibilities in teams. The text is formatted in a readable way so that pertinent information can be accessed easily.