The Power of Uniqueness: Why You Can't Be Anything You Want to Be

by Arthur F. Miller, William Hendricks. 2009.

"We cannot be anything we want to be," says authors Arthur Miller and William Hendricks, and they assert that it is a mistake to think otherwise. If we wish to be fulfilled in our lives and vocations, we must strive to discover our innate gifts and those things that motivate us. Individual human design is a marvelous gift from the Creator that cannot and must not be exchanged. The authors theorize that everyone is endowed at birth with a distinctive blueprint of competencies. They describe how understanding one's motivated abilities pattern (MAP) can lead to a realization of one's special giftedness and the discovery of a purposeful and satisfying calling. This book helps church leaders focus on their own unique contributions and encourages them to recruit volunteers for ministries, within and beyond the congregation, on the basis of giftedness for particular tasks.