The Price of Faith: Exploring Our Choices about Money and Wealth

by Marie T. Cross. Geneva Press, 2002.

Almost every aspect of North American life is affected in some way by money. Marie Cross attempts to broaden our understanding of "stewardship," to challenge the choices we make about money and wealth, and (in the process) to help us grow together in faith.

The first section claims that, understood most fully, "stewardship" is a descriptive term for "discipleship." The author proposes reading the Bible from a stewardship perspective. Chapters three through eight offer the biblical and theological foundations for the ten discussion sessions or classes that are outlined as lesson plans, each with its own clearly defined purpose. One of the more interesting and unusual sessions begins with the acknowledgement that what we 'do' often reflects what we 'believe', and goes on to examine the history of the offering in worship.

This book makes a good resource for an adult study or a church board that wants to take stewardship, discipleship and mission seriously.