The Prophetic Imagination

by Walter Brueggemann. Fortress Press, 2001.

Congregations have critically important roles to play in directing our communities, our regions, and our world in new directions. The Prophetic Imagination passionately urges congregations to reclaim God’s freedom and to pursue the purposes of justice, compassion, and equality as those to which the divine has called us all. The author suggests that congregations willing to demonstrate resistance to the dominant culture, while at the same time lovingly living their eternal hope in a better future, will engage public debate and action in ways that flat pronouncements of their faith will never accomplish. This book will prove very useful to congregations seeking to clarify their role in community, nation, and world. It would be an excellent choice for an adult class or discussion group wishing to engage in energetic and challenging dialogue about the prophetic role of their own congregation, as it seeks to be a people of God.