The Very Large Church: New Rules for Leaders

by Lyle E. Schaller. Abingdon Press, 2000.

One of the most crucial changes in North American life, Lyle Schaller explains, has been the shift from small to large institutions. These changes, Schaller contends, mean that the rules have changed for everyone involved in organizational life, and this applies to leaders of congregations as much as to anyone. Very large churches - often called megachurches - will increasingly come to embody the new rule book for congregations. This book is written for those congregational leaders, both volunteer and paid staff, who recognize that their old rule book is obsolete and who are eager to learn how to particpate effectively in the very large church in a context that is defined by the culture, the societal context, clearly define expectations, a theological belief system, a passion for evangelism, a high level of competence, creativity, innovation, and a new and different set of rules, rather than by local traditions or geographical boundaries or yesterday's stereotypes. (from back cover of book)