The Vision of Teams

Ann Bancroft. Dvd. :22. Star Thrower, 1998.

What happens to the individual and the group when people are united by a common vision? This video tells the true story of the American Women’s Expedition, a group of four women who were the first females to ski to the South Pole in 1993. Ann Bancroft, leader of the expedition, narrates with actual footage of parts of the 67 day journey. The viewer has a balcony seat from which to observe the dynamics of team formation. It starts with a diverse group of strangers whose strengths and weaknesses are discovered early on. Ann helps the group to not only acknowledge these, but to work them to their advantage. The passion for the goal is not equally shared at the beginning. However, hardship serves to shape the group into a unit that begins to buy into the vision. They soon learn together as a team to problem solve and capitalize on their strengths. This motivates them to take action and accomplish the vision goal, even in the face of death. This 30 minute video comes with two guides: a leader’s guide containing facilitator questions and team activities related to team concepts, and a team workbook that further develops the concepts by having participants reflect on their own experiences and then connect those with insights gained from the expedition. The video and print materials would be useful as purely motivation or as insight into group dynamics.