Twelve Keys to an Effective Church: Classic Edition

by Kennon L. Callahan. Jossey-Bass, 1997.

Callahan has written a number of books for "effective churches." This book, the cornerstone of the collection, is designed "to assist local churches in their strategic long-range planning to be effective churches in mission." It includes an overview of strategic long-range planning and twelve "keys" that distinguish effective and successful churches. The first, and most important, is that a church have “specific, concrete missional objectives.” The other keys are: pastoral and lay visitation; corporate, dynamic worship; significant relational groups; strong leadership resources; a streamlined structure and solid, participatory decision making; several competent programs and activities; open accessibility; high visibility; adequate parking, land, and landscaping; adequate space and facilities; and solid financial resources. The book includes good descriptions of these characteristics and advice on how to achieve them.