United Church of Christ Massachusetts Conference

web resource

The Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ (MACUCC) web site provides a Church Tools section which may be helpful to a wide variety of congregations. It seeks to aid congregational ministry in the following areas: Christian Education, Communications, Ecumenism, Evangelism/Mission/Justice, Leadership Development, Pastoral Searches, Stewardship and Financial Development, Youth Ministries, and Young Adult Ministries. Clicking on any of these ministry areas brings the user to a page of resources that variously include newsletters, news articles, events, program ideas, questionnaires, guidelines, handbooks, and additional web links. For instance, its Leadership Development page contains a spirituality questionnaire, an article on congregational rights and behavior covenants, resources on clergy confidentiality, compensation guidelines, a handbook for financial officers, and more. Congregations seeking development in any of the areas listed above are likely to find the MACUCC site useful.