United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

New York, NY. (212) 533-7800.

Committed to strengthening Conservative congregations, the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism aims to advance Judaism in America, maintain Jewish traditions (including the traditional liturgy, with Hebrew as the language of prayer), further observance of the Sabbath and Dietary Laws, assert loyalty to the Torah, preserve in the Service references to Israel, and foster Jewish religious schools (with Hebrew language and literature curricula). Many of its services are explained on its web site: the United Synagogue provides contact information on synagogues and schools; establishes school standards and publishes curricula; offers numerous youth programs, serves as a consultant to local congregations; produces and distributes publications; supplies program materials for the observance of various holidays; and produces United Synagogue Review, the primary communication vehicle for the Conservative Movement. A special section of the web site is for synagogue leaders. Persons seeking a Conservative synagogue or school, books and other publications, news and viewpoints, or leadership guidance will find the United Synagogue a valuable resource.