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This resource is part of Leadership Resources' Building Church Leaders Series. It is intended as a tool for use in existing congregational leader meetings. Each "session" is guided by a handout that is to be read and then discussed in 15-20 minutes of a meeting. The discussion topics, all related to vision, include: "A Big-Enough Vision"; "What Makes a Vision Effective?"; "Restructuring to Grow"; "Rediscovering Purpose"; "Making Planning Spiritual"; "Birth of a Vision"; "How Vision Unites"; "Building a Firm Foundation"; "Changes that Count"; and "Ideas that Succeed". The "Vision" resource can be downloaded for a fee from www.BuildingChurch

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"Vision is easy to talk about but hard to create and implement. If your church needs a new vision or needs to upgrade the one it has, these articles, assessments, and devotions provide a great starting point. Challenge your team to lead the church to another level spiritually and strategically. This 21-page resource offers biblical reflection, wisdom from experienced pastors, and practical tips on how to shape a strong vision." This Resource contains all of the following:

A Big-Enough Vision How to reach our church's potential. with Max De Pree

Characteristics of a Godly Vision Ways to test if your vision lines up with God's vision. Greg Ogden and Daniel Meyer

Restructuring to Grow 4 signs a redesign may be necessary. Gordon MacDonald

Do Our Ministries Line Up? The health of your individual ministries may point to vision problems. John Beukema

Rediscovering Purpose How one church found a fresh vision. Mathew Woodley

Make Planning Spiritual Listening for God while developing church vision. Steven D. Mathewson

Birth of a Vision How God turns circumstances into opportunities. Steven D. Mathewson

How Vision Unites To achieve great things, define the future. Steven D. Mathewson

From Mission to Vision to Strategy Moving from big ideas to big action. Greg Ogden and Daniel Meyer

Changes that Count 5 steps to a new future. Leith Anderson

Ideas that Succeed 4 test for vision with impact. John Cheydleur

Ready for Action Keep the entire staff headed toward the same destination with clear purpose and enthusiasm. Leith Anderson

A Vision to Get Behind Communicate your vision in a way that gets people excited. Bruce Boria