Walker Information

Indianapolis, IN. (800) 334-3939.

Walker Information's products and services include online survey administration, employee/stakeholder studies and traditional market research services.

Description from website:

What do we do?
We help you make your business more successful. We offer you the latest best practices on how to improve your customer relationships. We demonstrate the direct impact loyalty can have on your company's financial performance. We provide the complete solution. We help you create loyalty.

So, what exactly do we do?

We conduct strategic assessments – We evaluate your company's current satisfaction program and develop a roadmap for aligning a more comprehensive CLM program with your company's customer-driven objectives.
We gather customer feedback - We conduct surveys via web, phone, and any other means necessary to provide you with an accurate mindset of your customer base.
We interpret feedback – We use advanced methodologies to provide an accurate measure of loyalty, insights on what drives loyalty, and perspective on how your company stacks up against the competition.
We leverage technology – We utilize our custom application, the Walker SmartLoyalty® System, so you can view real-time data, generate on-demand reports, manage your customer lists, and follow up immediately with accounts in trouble.
We make it all relevant – We detail what you can do to help your business and ensure our recommendations are aligned with your corporate strategies, processes, and initiatives. It's an ongoing process, but it doesn't get much easier than that.

Are we different?
Yes. In addition to providing a complete solution, we provide a unique learning environment for you to learn from us and our other clients. Each year we offer a wide range of value-add programs that allow our clients to interact, share, and learn best practices from each other. It's the complete package. It's the Walker Way.