Way to Live: Christian Practices for Teens

(Dorothy C. Bass). Upper Room Books, 2002.

'Way to Live: Christian Practices for Teens' is an energetic dialogue of real teenagers doing the real work of adolescence—the embarrassing, fun, exciting exploration of life—as Christians. The book empowers teens to understand their impact and the difference they make through everyday choices at school, with family, and at play.

The chapter titles are one-word basic life elements, such as "Food," "Play," "Creativity," "Work," "Bodies," and "Time." However, there is nothing simplistic about these topics, nor is there anything meek about the content. The various contributors to this book have broken down complex life issues into stories, quotes, and artwork geared directly toward teens. Youth share their own raw, unashamed honesty on topics such as sex, relationships, and truth?and how God is present in and central to all of them.

This book can be used as a study guide, a format for youth fellowship, or an enjoyable read from cover to cover. Everyone will enjoy the Web site that accompanies the book (www.waytolive.org), where interactive friends hold dialogue with Web visitors about real world issues and the Christian response. 'Way to Live' should have a prominent place on the bookshelf—and in the "Favorites" folder—of every teen, parent, and pastor.