WebEx Web Office (formerly Intranets.com)

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WebExOne is the worldwide provider of on-demand, online collaboration solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. We help more than 300,000 users in companies large and small from around the world grow their businesses by being able to share information and work together — anywhere and anytime.
We focus on helping the small business and professional take extensive advantage of web-based business management tools to compete with much larger organizations. Our professional-quality business tools are reliable, secure, scalable, and customizable. They effectively allow users to communicate, share, store, and access all of their business-critical information from anywhere in the world, whenever they need to work.
Our mission is to help small businesses and groups succeed by providing collaboration and other essential business services, delivered via the Web.
During the next three years, we envision a world in which most small and medium-sized businesses will utilize the capability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the internet in order to gain access to new services in order to better operate their businesses. Fully leveraging the internet will allow these companies to access new and compelling online business services without investing in additional hardware or software.