William Horton Consulting, Inc

Boulder, CO. (303) 545-6964.

For the past 23 years, the two-person team of William and Katherine Horton has helped organizations plan, design, justify, and perfect e-learning and knowledge management initiatives. We develop prototypes, critique designs, lead Problem-Bashing® sessions, and conduct training in:
E-learning design and management
Knowledge management
Electronic information architecture
Media design

Workshops: Our workshops are available on-site to businesses, educational institutions, and professional organizations.
Consulting activities: We work directly with clients to develop new ideas, critique existing systems, overcome obstacles, and develop innovative designs and prototypes.
Books: William Horton has written numerous books and white papers about online communication, from e-learning to user-assistance. Take some time to read more about them. Take a look at our catalog for additional products available on our site.
Keynotes and speeches
William Horton addresses formal and informal gatherings. He has delivered keynote addresses, featured presentations, and after-dinner talks. His presentations have won international awards and are both informative and entertaining.
William Horton Consulting's client list contains both established and emerging companies throughout North America and Europe, including Alban Institute, Allen Communications, Apple Computer, Arthur Andersen, AT&T, Compaq Computer, Cray Research, DataChannel, El Paso Independent School District, Enlightened Leadership International, Ericsson, Exxon, Hewlett Packard, IBM , Indianapolis Center for Congregations, Intel, International Speakers Bureau, Instron, Lotus, Lucent, Macromedia, Microsoft, Mindlever.com, Northwestern Mutual Life, Nokia, Novell, Office of Surface Mining, SAP AG, SAS Institute, Sun, ThinkCAD Bleu, U.S. Army, U.S. Geologic Service, Veterans Administration, and Wilson e-Learning.