World Prayers

web resource

In an effort to improve human relations by celebrating the many forms of prayer the world over, 'World Prayers' provides Internet access to prayers written by spiritual visionaries over many centuries. These prayers represent sacred texts from many religious traditions, all of which carry an impassioned love for the divine mystery. Primary categories of prayers include "Adoration",; "Celebration," "Invocation," and "Meditation." No one prayer tradition is preferred over another. Nearly 20 traditions are represented—including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Native American, Baha’i, Hinduism, and Sufism. 'World Prayers' invites suggestions for new prayers; their only requirement is that it affirms spiritual and cultural tradition. They hope this data base will provide an inspirational resource for those in need and promote cross cultural and interfaith understanding and dialogue. Prayer searches can be done by tradition, author, text source, type of prayer, keywords, or phrases. Congregations may find this site useful for locating a wide variety of published prayers.