You and Your Architect: A Guide for a Successful Partnership

by None. The American Institute of Architects, 2010. Accessed January 6, 2015.

Based on the best practices and contracts developed by the American Institute of Architects, the national association of more than 75,000 architectural services providers established in the 1880s, this is an in-depth guide to developing and maintaining a good working relationship with an architect. The success of a building project has much to do with articulating a clear definition of the project, the scope of work, the professional aspects of the architect/client relationship, and the quality of the match between architect and project owner. This guide walks the client through the details of establishing and fostering that relationship to insure a project’s success.
The guide includes six subtopics. 'Getting Started' provides information and questions to help clarify the owner’s project knowledge, experience, needs, aspirations, and personal opinions. 'Selecting an Architect' describes architectural firms and offers FAQs for first-time clients. 'Identifying the Services You Need' describes project related services and how to procure them, for example: feasibility studies, budgeting, analysis, zoning applications, etc. Especially helpful is a summary chart. 'Negotiating the Agreement' outlines specifics to be included in an agreement, e.g. project requirements, project tasks, schedule requirements, compensation, etc., and what AIA standard forms might be used. 'Compensating Your Architect' includes FAQs on how and what to pay an architect. 'Keeping the Project on Track' reviews owner responsibilities, building project realities, and methods to help with project management.
Anyone considering or engaged in a building project—from the lay member of a building committee to the person responsible for signing the architect agreements—will find this a helpful resource. It is available as both an online resource and a downloadable PDF file.