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SimpleGive is an online giving software vendor that brings technology to religious groups and other nonprofits. SimpleGive can receive donations via computers, smartphones, on-site kiosks, and text...

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eGive is an online giving resource with the goal of making it easier for congregants to donate funds. eGive software can process donations from either a checking account or credit card, and text...

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Online giving is increasing in popularity. SecureGive is a vendor of online giving services for congregations and other nonprofit organizations. They can receive donations via on-site kiosks,...

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The business of congregations and religious nonprofits is ministry - not business. Yet leaders of such institutions still have to make plans, manage operations, and lead others. Research suggests...

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This is a short article about how to plan a “Miracle Sunday”, a special offering that takes place rarely, but often yields excellent results for the congregation. The Miracle Sunday offering is...

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Experienced Center for Congregations personnel and congregational experts Nancy DeMott, Tim Shapiro, and Brent Bill begin with the idea that religious “buildings communicate.” Discovering what and...

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Few authors can claim expertise in both religion and science. Nancy Clare Kehoe is an exception. As a Catholic Religious of the Sacred Heart and an adjunct professor of psychology at Harvard...

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