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Thumb lott carey


Lott Carey is an African American Baptist social mission organization, founded in 1897, and named for Rev. Lott Cary, one of the first missionaries to West Africa from the United States. Born into...

Thumb multi site church road trip


This book comes from a Leadership Network series. Leadership Network began in 1984 and seeks to foster innovation movements that activate congregations to greater impact. The authors use the...

Thumb worship at the next level


Worship and worship leadership are the two foci of this collection of essays edited by church leaders and authors Tim Dearborn and Scott Coil. They offer this resource as a way “to encourage the...

Thumb how to shape your churchs culture


This concise article from LifeWay, the Southern Baptist publishing house, provides a great overview introduction to understanding what “church culture” is in the first place. By seeing how a...

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Young people, unaffiliated with any congregation or particular religious tradition, may be living their faith in a new way: “attending to what matters” without attending church. Alaina Kleinbeck,...

Thumb better together


On many corners in most US cities we can spot a church that is struggling to survive. Then we turn the corner and travel a few blocks down only to discover a church that is thriving; maybe even...

Thumb facilities assessments


Timely and appropriate care of their sacred space helps congregations keep the focus on mission and ministry. A facilities assessment can inform a range of building concerns, from routine...

Thumb notes on communication


W. Craig Gilliam, director of The Center for Pastoral Effectiveness for the Louisiana Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, works with churches that are experiencing conflict. His...

Thumb church administration handbook


This comprehensive resource will help those responsible for congregational administration to organize and implement a wide variety of programs. The book is packed with practical, time-tested...

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