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Thumb 7 dos and donts welcome


Professor Melody Maxwell has visited a lot of congregations, and she reflects on her “guest” experiences to offer congregations seven actions they can take to be more welcoming to guests. Four of...

Thumb a many colored kingdom


The research seems clear: the United States is becoming increasingly multicultural-in its cities and towns, its civic institutions, and not surprisingly, in its churches. Professors Elizabeth...

Thumb souls in transition


Many congregations lament the loss of those between the ages of eighteen and twenty-three in their congregations. Sociologist of Religion Christian Smith and Professor Patricia Snell engaged in...

Thumb free hospitality audit

web resource

The Hospitality Audit is a free web resource designed by Chris Walker, Presbyterian pastor and church evangelism coach. The audit is a twenty-page downloadable survey to help congregations take a...

Thumb cong connections


Builders, Silents, Boomers, Gen-Xers, Millennials, and Gen-Z: who are all these people, what do they want, and how can they form a congregational community that embodies unity yet does not demand...

Thumb playbook for christian manhood


The game of football provides the conceptual framework for this practical guide to growing up, written by a veteran minister with a passion for today’s youth. With the authority of an experienced...

Thumb ministry prisoners families


This edited volume considers the “tidal wave” impact of incarceration on the African American community and argues for an intentional response from the church. It offers concrete programs and...

Thumb fontawesome f02d 9  1024


Studies show that Christian institutions are not immune to the national bullying epidemic. Peace Keepers is a resource for educators who wish to address the problem in faith-consonant ways. It is...

Thumb endangered churches


Congregations across the United States increasingly struggle to maintain physical houses of worship as membership declines and buildings age. One preservationist deems it a “national crisis.” In...

Thumb churches speak up bullying


“Bullycide” is a hybrid word referring to suicides that occur as a result of extreme bullying. With the number of teen bullycides growing, how can congregations respond? This article by an award...

Thumb fontawesome f15c 5  1024


“It wouldn’t make sense to build a soccer field if our ministry is basketball.” This 12-page guide from Disciples Extension Fund is written with non-experts in mind. The planning and building...

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