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Preservation of historic congregational structures can be an overwhelming task. There are a large number of things to consider, including energy efficiency, repair, and maintenance, among others....

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Congregations across the United States increasingly struggle to maintain physical houses of worship as membership declines and buildings age. One preservationist deems it a “national crisis.” In...

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Timely and appropriate care of their sacred space helps congregations keep the focus on mission and ministry. A facilities assessment can inform a range of building concerns, from routine...

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You’ve done a preliminary assessment on your historic building and learned that there is work to be done. How do you decide what type of building professional to engage: an architect, an engineer,...

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Professor Mark Torgerson cares about the environment and religious institutions, such as churches and synagogues. This work is the intersection of Torgerson’s passions, and in it he addresses how...

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Prolific author and architectural historian Denis R. McNamara’s award-winning seminal work combines the traditions and norms of Roman Catholicism with its most public symbol - the church building. ...

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Here author and former professor Robert McClory relays the stories of several Roman Catholic congregations and their experiences - both positive and negative - as they plan for and renovate their...

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Partners for Sacred Places is a national non-profit clearing house for those interested in historic religious buildings as community assets. Founded in 1989 by a group of religious, historic...

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