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Getting Started with Leadership Development

Leadership development is the training and cultivation of congregational leaders. It refers to development of a variety of skills and the leader as a person, whether clergy or laity.

Leadership Development Subtopics

To find more specific leadership development resources on the CRG, search for these subtopics.

Skill development: managing change, conflict, communication, decision making, meetings, strategic planning, visioning or specific ministry areas like administration, finance, hospitality, community...

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An Abundance of Resources

Organizations can provide high quality training if you know specifically what help you’re looking for. Check out Ministry Architects.

Websites are great for congregations who are willing to engage with online content. Try Building Church Leaders or Leadership Network.

Articles are the best...

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Reflection Questions

  • What is one thing you would like to see your leaders do differently as a result of the training? Be specific.
  • What is your congregation’s past experience with leadership development? Consider what has worked and what hasn’t.  
  • Will the leader’s development make a cultural...
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The Leadership Network began in 1984 with a group of 20 that wanted the church to have deeper impact on the world. Now they serve over 200,000 leaders all over the world. Names associated with...

Thumb buildingchurchleaders

web resource

Ministry teams looking for focused, easy-to-use training resources might consider the offerings of Building Church Leaders (BCL). The training pack format lends itself to small group discussion...

Thumb ministry architects


Youth ministry with staying power has a clearly defined mission and vision, and it engages the whole congregation - including parents - in key relational and leadership roles. This group assists...

Thumb managing transitions


Transitioning between the old and the new affects all congregations, and they feel it most profoundly when clergy leadership changes. Organizational consultant and author William Bridges says that...

Thumb change   conflict


This book offers a clear path toward a practical theology of change, acknowledging the constructive value of conflict as a healthy mechanism that moves congregations forward. With a pastoral tone,...

Thumb tcinsight

web resource

The Transforming Church Insight (TCI) assessment tool has been a helpful learning tool for many different kinds of congregations. The tool has proven helpful because it focuses on topics often not...

Thumb church assessment tools

web resource

The Church Assessment Tool (CAT), created by {{Holy Cow Consulting |}}, helps those seeking accurate data in preparation for one or more of the following: pastoral...

Thumb the serving leader


Many books on congregational leadership take their cues from the world of business. Others may lean too heavily on theological constructs. This book attempts to balance both. Published by the...

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Are leaders born or formed? According to the Leadership Institute of Union Presbyterian Seminary, the latter is the case. Leaders are formed through exposure to excellent leadership, both taught...

Thumb facilitation skills


Clergy and consultants seeking to empower and train congregational leaders to facilitate congregational teams will find this comprehensive guide a great asset. Each of the three authors contributes...

Thumb leadership and listening


Growing out of several years of participation in the Center for Creative Leadership, leadership consultant Donald Zimmer presents a well-researched analysis of the powerful relationship between the...

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Not all challenges are created equal. Defining a problem can be difficult, let alone creating a solution. Harvard professors Ronald Heifetz and Marty Linsky developed the process of adaptive...

Thumb youth leader training on the go


Organizing training materials and events for youth leaders is one thing; getting leaders to attend is a whole other challenge. But what if you had the materials and could personalize them and take...

Thumb leadership an art of possibility


According to Ben Zander, people are tired of the old metaphors of leadership-war, sports and fighting to get to the top. In this DVD series, based on their book, The Art of Possibility, Ben and Roz...

Thumb leadership education duke divinity


Leadership Education at Duke Divinity aims to create change in congregations by supporting Christian leaders and the institutions they serve. They design educational services, introduce knowledge...

Thumb lewis center


The Lewis Center for Church Leadership is located on the Wesley Theological Seminary campus in Washington D.C. The director is Dr. Lovett Weems, Jr. Dr. Weems is a distinguished professor of Church...

Thumb empowering laity


Authors and denominational leaders Susan Gillies and Ingrid Dvirnak combine their ministry experience and communication skills in this practical resource that gives readers helpful approaches,...

Thumb leadership can be taught


Continuing Education is not available to all. Sometimes funds aren’t available; sometimes there just isn’t time. Distance learning and webinars can be helpful, yet such formats for learning aren’t...

Thumb immunity to change


Often, you know what to do as a leader. Yet, when you start down the helpful path you hit a roadblock. Or, you change direction. Or, you understandably get off course because of apprehension...

Thumb the practice of adaptive leadership


Many leadership books deal almost solely with theory. Such books can be interesting but not practical. This book is highly practical. The authors have taken the leadership dynamics originally...

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