A Healing Homiletic: Preaching and Disability

by Kathy Black. Abingdon Press, 1996.

Noting that a preacher’s approaches to biblical “healing” texts have a profound impact on churchgoers’ attitudes toward people with disabilities, author Kathy Black examines scriptural “healing” passages and discusses Jesus’ responses to both people with disabilities and their communities. She compares and contrasts “traditional” homiletics with “healing” homiletics that remain true to scripture while affirming God’s love and the worth of all people. Preachers who would develop their own “healing” homiletics when talking about biblical passages are encouraged to not use sensory language in relation to sin, to consider the social situation and the actions of the biblical person with the disability, and to challenge the congregation on the unwritten codes by which it accepts or rejects others. Although aimed primarily at preachers, this book will be valuable for everyone who cares about the implications of scriptural healing texts for people with disabilities, their congregations, and their communities.