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Working with an Architect

Large assn of consultants for liturgical space2

The Association of Consultants for Liturgical Space (ACLS) is an ecumenical, professional organization focused on church art and architecture. Many ACLS members are artists, architects, and...

Large questions to ask your architect

Published by the American Institute of Architects, this article details five categories congregations should consider betore hiring an architect.

Large the church construction kit2

This practical guide will help your congregation navigate the building process, from the planning stages to discussing the responsibilities of the architect and contractor.

Large working with architects ad

Written by the resource experts at the Center for Congregations, this article details things to think about when engaging an architect.

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Blog Post

The priest stands in the sanctuary. He is near the front pew, facing the back of the sanctuary looking at a tall stained glass window. The image is abstract – it is bright, blue, red and orange....

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