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Exploring the Pandemic Impact on Congregations
This website shares timely data about U.S. congregations and how they are impacted by...
Houses Of Worship, the Vaxxed And Unvaxxed Divide
This 3-minute news story shares how pastors in Nashville, TN, are managing vaccinations and...
How to Recover from Psychological Aftershocks of Lockdown
Written in May of 2020, this article describes the long-term and downstream negative effects...
Understanding the Effects of Social Isolation on Mental Health
This article defines social isolation and its effects on human beings. It also provides tips...
Praying in the Time of COVID-19: How the World's Largest Mosques Adapted
This article demonstrates how prayer and community life can take new forms during pandemic...
Lessons from a Year of Ministry during COVID-19
In this article pastors share hybrid ministry practices they’ ll continue post-pandemic....
Imagining a Hybrid Future
This podcast considers how congregations can focus their post-pandemic ministry to reach...
Religion in Quarantine: The Future of Religion in a Post-Pandemic World
This e-book shares reflections on how social distancing shapes the spiritual journey and the...
Youth Ministry During the Pandemic
These webinars offer culturally competent youth strategies to stay connected and maintain...
Waving the Banner for Youth Ministry
This podcast episode features youth worker Mark Oestreicher discussing COVID-19 and...
Youth Ministry in This Season of Disruption
This practical book written in the midst of COVID-19 helps youth leaders pivot and take action...
Responding When People Disagree with Your Church Reopening Plan
This article provides six ways for leaders to handle conflict and pushback about reopening.
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