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U.S. Religion During COVID-19
This page provides data and research findings from Faith Communities Today to help congregational leaders understand emerging trends.
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Vital Synagogues
This blog post reflects on synagogue vitality and the importance of strengthening engagement with the broader community.
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Worship Design Studio
Woship Design Studio is a web resource by Dr. Marcia McFee, a worship consultant with a background in music, theatre, theology, and liturgy. Here you will find a variety of resources available for turning worship into an integrated and meaningful experience with creative and engaging ideas.
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Vibrant Faith Catalyst
This interactive hub connects faith formation leaders with like-minded peers and a wealth of free content.
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Using Nonprofits for God's Purposes
This blog post discusses things to think about when considering a nonprofit startup.
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Small Ritual
This web resource by Steve Collins, who is a creative thinker and artist who cares deeply about the church and its identity, theology, and future, explores the church from numerous angles to enrich the church's relationship with its local culture.
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Trauma and Healing Institute Resources
These downloadable resources support congregational mental health, especially in response to collective trauma such as COVID-19.
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Racialized Trauma Course
This online course explains racialized trauma that stays in the body, especially as it relates to Black people, White people, police, and communities.
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National Religious Partnership for the Environment
The goal of this website is to express a united commitment to "seek justice and healing for the whole community of life” by offering a kind of one-stop shop for resources from five religious traditions: Jewish, Eastern Orthodox, Catholic, Mainline and Evangelical Christian.
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