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Spirituality, Neuroplasticity and Personal Growth
This web resource, by Christian psychiatrist and author Curt Thompson, provides a YouTube lecture "Spirituality, Neuroplasticity and Personal Growth" which instructs the audience to explore relational and psychological problem solving from the perspective of recent findings in neuroscience.
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Small Ritual
This web resource by Steve Collins, who is a creative thinker and artist who cares deeply about the church and its identity, theology, and future, explores the church from numerous angles to enrich the church's relationship with its local culture.
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Small Group Network Channel
This YouTube channel, provided by Small Group Network (SGN), aims to enrich congregations’ capacity for small group ministry with the conviction that "we are better together".
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Small Group Ministries
Based on the "Purpose Driven Life” philosophy of Saddleback Church, Small Group Ministries is devoted to providing resources for congregations looking to begin or grow their small group ministries.
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Sermon Seeds
This free "sermon preparation resource” features commentary on at least one of the assigned texts from the Revised Common Lectionary every week. Written primarily by pastor and theologian, Kathryn Matthews Huey, these reflections synthesize her own scholarship and pastoral insights with those of a variety of other commentators.
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Renewing Our Church
This web resource offers an engaging video presentation about how an established but faltering congregation understands and celebrates its congregational renewal.
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Helping Small Churches Thrive
A plethora of information about small churches is available on this website that is maintained by small church veteran and Assemblies of God ordained pastor Karl Vaters.
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Mission Planning: Do-It-Yourself Tools
This website, provided by Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), has curated do-it-yourself planning resources created across the ELCA and other traditions as part of their Mission Planning.
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Center for Congregational Health - Interim Ministry
This web resource for The Center for Congregational Health's Interim Ministry program asserts the transition time between pastorates is vital for congregations and new ministers establishing "a solid ministry team" and offers a range of resources and services that either help congregations in transition or train clergy for interim ministry.
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