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ChurchSalary: A Service of Church Law and Tax
This searchable database for congregations with paid staff contains information on salary levels, retirement, and debt calculators.
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Pro Church Tools
This hub for digital media provides training, tutorials and free templates and tools for congregations.
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Coronavirus Resources for the Church
The Wheaton College Human Disaster Institute offers a streamlined resource page for congregations to address the unique challenges of the COVID-19 health crisis.
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Vibrant Faith Catalyst
This interactive hub connects faith formation leaders with like-minded peers and a wealth of free content.
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Vibrant Faith @ Home
This interactive, online resource center offers free faith formation tips and tools to build a stronger, more faith-focused family.
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Different Models for Multicultural Congregations and Ministries
This web resource provides a blog written by author Ryk Van Velden who answers the question, "What is multicultural congregation or ministry?" by describing the advantages and disadvantages of seven different models including multicultural cell churches, planting a separate church, adoption and cooperation, and parallel ministries in one multicultural congregation.
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Sermon Seeds
This free sermon preparation resource” features commentary on at least one of the assigned texts from the Revised Common Lectionary every week. Written primarily by pastor and theologian, Kathryn Matthews Huey, these reflections synthesize her own scholarship and pastoral insights with those of a variety of other commentators.
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Children's Ministry Magazine
This website aims to serve children's ministry leaders, teams, teachers, and parents by providing classroom tools, teaching tips, and activities, all helpfully geared to age-level groupings from birth to 12 years.
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LifeWay Christian Resources: Kids Ministry 101
This web resource, provided by the congregational resource center of the Southern Baptist Convention, provides more than 200 entries written by experienced children’ s ministry leaders that touch upon topics such as motivating volunteers, helping kids get ready for camp or deal with loss, behavior issues, and ministry basics.
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