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Keeping an Anti-Racism Focus

As 2021 unfolds, events in the public arena once again demonstrate the dehumanizing reality of racism.  

The existence of racism is a grievous fact. For people of color, racism is pervasive.  This pervasiveness is evident in every aspect of life, including the life of congregations.  

Yet, congregations of color represent resilient strength with robust voices and true hearts. The Center for Congregations learns each time testimonies and stories of such strength are shared.  

Many white congregations are seeking resources about anti-racism. There is the desire to listen, learn and become allies. The Center is committed to connecting congregations to resources that will support learning journeys leading to a more just world.   

Here is a link to additional anti-racism resources.  You will find even more as you search the CRG.   

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After the Election

The 2020 election is just days away. The CRG has provided resources to keep congregations informed of how they can navigate the stresses of dealing with contentious politics in and around their communities. But what about after the election? What about the possible conflicts that may arise as a result of the election? 

Auburn Seminary hosted a multi-faith conversation entitled, “Faith Leaders Call for Moral Courage Now” with Auburn President, Rev. Dr. Katharine Rhodes Henderson, along with Dr. Keisha McKenzie and Dr. Sharon Groves from Auburn’s program team, in conversation with Auburn Senior Fellows Stosh Cotler (CEO, Bend the Arc) and Rev. Brian McLaren (Activist and Public Theologian).

Watch as these five faith and justice leaders discuss how they prepared for the 2020 election and for its possible aftermath. What will our responses communicate to the world about who we are? How will we leverage the outcome of the election to build a better world? Will relationships and trust really help create change and if so, how can our congregation do the work

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Compassionate Response to Sexual Assault Survivors

Though the #MeToo movement has brought greater media attention to sexual assault, it is not a new phenomenon. There are countless examples of congregations and denominations acting in ways that proved harmful to victims. Even the most well-intentioned leaders can inflict pain due to a lack of information and preparation. 

The Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault has put together a host of resources for congregations seeking to get ahead of the game. As any great leader will tell you, the best plans are laid well before they’re needed. If your congregation would like information on working with law enforcement and other professionals to form Sexual Assault Response Teams, check out the SART guide. There are also other workshops and trainings offered through ICESA that congregations can take advantage of. Finally, to gain a better perspective on the ways sexual assault impacts victims, watch the Break The Silence video.





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Divided by Faith: Evangelical Religion and the Problem of Race in America
This grace-filled book calls White Christians to recognize that well-intentioned actions perpetuate racial divides if leaders aren’ t proactive about bridging the ethnic gap.
book Updated
Prophetic Lament: A Call For Justice In Troubled Times
This text unpacks the book of Lamentations, providing historical context and practical strategies to lament corporately and individually.
book Updated
Begin Again: James Baldwin's America
This book explores James Baldwin's life and writings while offering tangible applications for the struggle for racial justice today.


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Race to Justice: Learn and Lead
This resource list provides a deep dive into issues of race and encourages congregations to address institutional racism.
article Updated
Who Should be at the Table?
This article highlight the various stakeholders who should be included in the decision-making process.
article Updated
Church After COVID: 7 Predictions for How the Church Will Change by 2025
This article forecasts how online giving will take a central role in congregational life.

Web Resources

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Letter from Birmingham Jail
This historic letter from the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. discusses nonviolent protest, segragation, oppression, racial justice, the white moderate, and activism.
web resource Updated
Sisters in Loss
This community, led by Erica McAfee, supports Black women who have experienced grief and situations related to miscarriage, infant loss or infertility.
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Appreciative Inquiry Commons
This online hub for all things AI explains the positive change framework, offers a wide range of resources, and connects people to a global community.


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organization Updated
Center for Appreciative Inquiry
This organization helps people address challenges by switching from a problem-based mindset to a strength-based mindset.
Center for Congregational Health, Inc.
This organization provides consulting and leadership training in a wide variety of areas, including an interim ministry training and clearing house program.
organization Updated
Intentional Interim Ministry shares good practices about intentional interim ministry and offers a database of available interim ministers.


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Pass the Mic
This weekly podcast from The Witness Black Christian Collective offeres engaging interviews and discussions relevant to the African American experience.
media New
Appreciative Leadership: Building a Thriving Organization
This video explains positive psychology leadership and relational strategies to collaborate and create the future.
media Updated
Racial disparities in wealth across America
This video addresses economic disparities among African Americans and key themes to contribute toward solutions.


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This training program prepares participants to facilitate groups and build stronger, healthier relationships.
Academy of Preachers Festival of Preaching
The Festival of Preaching is an ecumenical event for Christian teens and young adults who discern a call to preaching. The festival offers opportunities for participants to preach, receive feedback, connect with peers, and develop mentorships.
International Catholic Stewardship Council Annual Conference
This four-day conference is dedicated to advancing Christian stewardship, Catholic philanthropy, and resource development in North America.


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National Association for Temple Administration (NATA) Journal
The National Association for Temple Administration (NATA) is an active professional network of Reform Jewish Synagogue Executive Directors that publishes a twice-yearly journal with articles written by members and Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) staff. Topics include: collaboration, giving, communication (including social media), technology, and leadership transition.
Church Health Reader
The quarterly Church Health Reader recognizes the challenge of maintaining spiritual, emotional, physical and social well-being in a world of stress, violence, confusing value systems and social turmoil and offers practical, timely instruction and helpful options.
Church Finance Today
This e-newsletter covers timely finance topics such as record keeping, business expenses, church office security, internal controls, best practices for donations, and money management.


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software Updated
Church Community Builder
This member management software connects congregations in its giving, volunteers, small groups, child check-in, communication, and a customized app.
Fellowship One
This member management software has a suite of tools to track attendance, member engagement, and donations. It's easy to use from any computer or mobile device.
WeShare: Online Giving for Churches and Other Community Organizations
This company makes online donation software that can be used with computers, tablets, and smartphones, and through credit cards, debit cards, or electronic transfer of funds.
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