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How to Have Helpful Conversations About Race in the Church: An Anti-Racism Resource from the Women of the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America)
This 11-page guide offers a process and tools to engage in important conversations regarding race.
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A Quick Guide for LGBTQ Inclusion
This guide for affirming congregations includes tips to create an inclusive community for LGBTQ people to feel seen, heard and whole."
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How We Gather
This 22-page report helps readers understand how younger generations meet in community.
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Designing Your Congregation's Website
This report shares advice from several congregations who reevaluated their web presence, updated an existing website, or created a new one- either by DIY or hiring a web designer.
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Traditioned Innovation
This short article explains how congregations can achieve transformative change by upholding tradition while introducing innovation and growth.
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Principles for Leaders to Keep in Mind in Merging Congregations
This article lists the eight principles of a successful church merger.
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On Living in a Dying Church
This article draws from the author's own experience, finding parallels between hospice ministry for a person and hospice ministry for a church.
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Vital Congregations
This study of leaders across ten faith traditions defines spiritual vitality, reveals which factors help or hurt congregational vitality, and offers strategies to improve vitality.
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Zeal for God's House: An Architect's Reflections on Sacred Space
Written by an architect, this reflective article asks questions about how God's presence is experienced and the purpose of a religious community's facilities.
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