More Public Ministry

Analog Church: Why We Need Real People, Places and Things in the Digital Age
This book by Jay Kim argues that physical spaces are still relevant and important for...
web resource
Human Rights Campaign Faith Resources
This list of resources is a comprehensive web resource designed to ensure that all LGBTQ...
Indiana Youth Group's LGBTQ+ Competency Training
This organization revolves around building community, developing leadership qualities, and...
Circle City Clubhouse
This organization provides a welcoming, supportive, and caring community to help...
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
This organization provides information and support for suicide prevention, advocacy, and...
What do American Christians believe about their Religion
This podcast reports on the belief of American Christians who participated in progressive...
web resource
Collaborative On Faith And Disabilities
A collaborative website with many resources collected by the Institute of Theology and...
Mission Possible Kids
Mission Possible Kids is a 501c3 nonprofit empowering kids to become agents of change.
TMJ Consultants
This consulting firm works with non-profits (including churches), helping them to build...
Gun Violence 101: Cheat Sheet Responding to the Call to Prevent Gun Violence
This short guide orients readers to the issue of gun violence, provides strategies, and...
Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center
This “ museum without walls” presents innovative, community-centered experiences...
web resource
Stop AAPI Hate
This information hub advances equity, justice, and power by dismantling systemic racism and...
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