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Keeping an Anti-Racism Focus

As 2021 unfolds, events in the public arena once again demonstrate the dehumanizing reality of racism.  

The existence of racism is a grievous fact. For people of color, racism is pervasive.  This pervasiveness is evident in every aspect of life, including the life of congregations.  

Yet, congregations of color represent resilient strength with robust voices and true hearts. The Center for Congregations learns each time testimonies and stories of such strength are shared.  

Many white congregations are seeking resources about anti-racism. There is the desire to listen, learn and become allies. The Center is committed to connecting congregations to resources that will support learning journeys leading to a more just world.   

Here is a link to additional anti-racism resources.  You will find even more as you search the CRG.   

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Money Matters for Youth: Integrating Faith and Finances
Written by a faith-based financial services organization, this download offers a seven-session curriculum for youth on finances.
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Congregational Consulting Group
This organization provides guidance on many topics related to congregational finance, operations and management through consulting and online resources.
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Internal Control Best Practices
This guide lists basic procedures for congregations to manage money and taxes.
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Whitfield & Associates
This organization helps congregations with 501c3 filing, taxes, accounting, and payroll.
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Sweetwater Sound
This consulting group sells worship equipment and offers resources to congregations for improving their technology.
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WomanPreach! Inc.
This network supports women to use their voices in ministry for justice and Womanist concerns.
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The Womanist Preacher: Proclaiming Womanist Rhetoric from the Pulpit
This book analyzes sermons to explore how preaching makes womanist thought viable in the Black Church.
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Christian Education in the African American Church: A Guide for Teaching Truth
This book focuses on providing a Christian education for African Americans, equipping congregations with an educational strategy in addition to insight on learning styles, developmental stages in learners, and curriculum.
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Love God, Love Your Neighbor
This article describes the story of Calvary Baptist Church in D.C., which implemented new ministries and partnerships to rise from decline.

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