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The Ungame
The Ungame is a non-competitive communications game that uses questions to prompt the sharing of values, thoughts, feelings, and ideas among friends, family, and acquaintances.
"Is the Black Church Dead?" A Roundtable on the Future of Black Churches
This 2-hour panelist discussion examines the evolution of the Black Church, its positive and negative manifestations, and critical issues in contemporary society.
Striving Toward Multi-Ethnic Church
This interview with Shirley Hoogstra of Calvin College and Rev. Dr. Geraldo Marti explains that there is no formula for growing an intercultural church but there are some essentials.
Reflect, Reclaim, Rejoice: Preserving the Gift of Black Sacred Music
As part of the Africana Hymnal Project of the United Methodist Church, this video invites viewers to reflect on Black sacred music from the past, reclaim its connections to the present, and rejoice in its heritage for the future.
Pentecost Journey DVD - A Planning Guide for Non-Hispanic/Latino Congregations
This comprehensive program is aimed at helping churches become more intentional with outreach to Hispanic and Latino cultures.
Change the World: Recovering the Message and Mission of Jesus
This video details the story of how one congregation in Ohio has grown into a vital ministry with and for working class people.
Care for Creation
This 10-minute presenation focuses on key words of the Genesis 2 and 3 stories that illuminate humanity's God-given relationship with the created world.
This video tells the stories of grassroots environmental initiatives led by people of faith from a variety of religious traditions.
Leadership: An Art of Possibility
This DVD series contends there's a new way of leadership that invites people out of the downward spiral of anxiety and into the world of possibility.
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