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Maintaining the Life of Your Building and Equipment
This PowerPoint presentation details the many aspects of building maintenance that require regular inspection and upkeep.
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Endangered Churches
This 10-minute video surveys the changing landscape of sacred buildings in Philadelphia.
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Change the World: Recovering the Message and Mission of Jesus
This video details the story of how one congregation in Ohio has grown into a vital ministry with and for working class people.
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Bivocational Pastors
This brief video from PBS looks at the challenges and opportunities that arise when the pastor has a second job.
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"Is the Black Church Dead?" A Roundtable on the Future of Black Churches
This 2-hour panelist discussion examines the evolution of the Black Church, its positive and negative manifestations, and critical issues in contemporary society.
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Striving Toward Multi-Ethnic Church
This interview with Shirley Hoogstra of Calvin College and Rev. Dr. Geraldo Marti explains that there is no formula for growing an intercultural church but there are some essentials.
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Racial Diversity in a Changing Harlem Congregation
This video by PBS details the changes and growth of First Corinthian Church in Harlem, New York.
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This web resource, titled Orange, offers ministry resources that aim to “influence anyone who influences the next generation" and equips parents, staff and volunteers to address the spiritual gifts and needs of children.
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Social Media Church
This podcast features various church leaders discussing how they use social media to engage people online.
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