More Specialized Ministries

This software program provides a simple way to turn websites multilingual and to translate,...
Horizon University
Horizon University is an accredited post-secondary institution that will partner with the...
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What Does Spirituality Mean to Us?
This is the Fetzer Institute's study of spirituality in the United States. This report is...
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Collaborative On Faith And Disabilities
A collaborative website with many resources collected by the Institute of Theology and...
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Sunday Sermon by Dr. Brene Brown at the Washington National Cathedral - January 21, 2018
Psychologist Dr. Brene Brown gives a 17-minute sermon on faith and the church and the...
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Sunday Sermon by Michael Gerson - February 17, 2019
Michael Gerson, who died in November 2022, preaches at the National Cathedral about his...
Mission Possible Kids
Mission Possible Kids is a 501c3 nonprofit empowering kids to become agents of change.
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Trauma, the Body and 2021
An interview with Bessel van der Kolk, a recognized compassionate psychiatrist and trauma...
Everything Happens for a Reason - and Other Lies I've Loved
Seminary professor, Kate Bowler, describes her experience with a life-threatening disease...
Faithlife Proclaim
Faithlife Proclaim is a software designed for churches that allows users to create...
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Eagle, Nelson
Mr. Eagle consults with Christian childcare and preschool ministries.
NAMI FaithNet Bridges of Hope Presentation
FaithNet is a PowerPoint presentation for congregational use that defines mental illness...
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