More Staff Picks

This organization helps facilitate leadership skills through engaging activities and ropes courses.
web resource
The African American Lectionary
This website is a key online resource, particularly formed for an African American audience, for clergy that follow the lectionary.
Festival of Homiletics
This conference offers extensive workshop options, speakers, and lectures focused on examining and celebrating the practices of preaching and worship.
"Bleak picture" for Mentally Ill: 80% are Jobless
This news article is part of a series that explores the state of the mentally ill in America.
A New State of Mind - Ending the Stigma of Mental Illness
This hour-long documentary details the stories of everyday people while breaking through the silence, shame, and stigma related to mental illness.
Ending Well
This article outlines concrete, practical steps to follow for a church that has decided to close.
Young Children and Worship
This book introduces a Montessori-style curriculum for children, connecting their capacity for wonder and spiritual engagement with Scripture's ability to communicate meaning on multiple levels.
Curriculum Overview for Children's Formation
This chart contains a comprehensive list of currently available children's faith formation curricula with descriptions of each.
Worship in Times of Crisis and Trauma
This panel discussion provides insight to manage disasters and traumas in the congregation and community.
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