More Staff Picks

The Aspen Group: Church Design Builder
This architecture firm helps congregations discover, envision, and design space for ministry.
How to Prevent and Resolve Congregational Conflict
This study-discussion guide provided by The Parish Paper offers solutions to internal conflicts and includes examples of how individuals can limit divisions.
Accounting and Money for Ministerial Leadership: Key Practical and Theological Insights
This book written by a seminary professor introduces faith leaders to basic accounting, financial documents in a church, good practices and money as it relates to theology.
Imagining a Hybrid Future
This podcast considers how congregations can focus their post-pandemic ministry to reach people in person and online.
MultiChurch: Exploring the Future of Multisite
This book explains that the multi-site church model is biblically and theologically faithful, while illuminating some of its challenges.
Living Stones Associates
This consulting firm offers a wide range of services for congregations related to facility planning, church health analysis, church conflict, and urban ministry.
Church Growth from an African American Perspective
This book analyzes the ingredients for growth, providing congregations with the tools to build a foundation on biblical preaching, holy living, and sound doctrine.
There's Hope for Your Church: First Steps to Restoring Health and Growth
This book uses hope as the key component to a healthy renewal of the church and offers a process congregations can follow towards rebirth.
Are Your Church Facilities an Obstacle to Growth?
This brief article urges congregations to look at their facilities with the eye of a first time visitor.
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