More Staff Picks

This organization provides congregations with educational training and consulting focused on...
Smart Church Solutions
This company assists congregations in planning, building, and managing their facilities.
Environmental Sustainability/ Stewardship
This article looks at ways to maximize congregational resources by minimizing the building's...
web resource
Mental Health: A Guide for Faith Leaders
This web resource offers a professional yet succinct overview of mental health issues,...
Craft an Effective Sermon by Friday
This guide teaches lectio divina and thought organization tools to create a sermon quickly.
web resource
Clergy Sexual Misconduct: Awareness and Prevention
Baylor University’ s website offers individuals and congregations several resources...
Pastor, Staff, and Committee Job Description Book
Written by the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board, this free download provides sample job...
web resource
North American Federation of Temple Youth (NFTY) Bullying Initiative
This website for Jewish youth and leaders contains curricula reviews and recommendations,...
web resource
White Homework
This website provides resources for anyone starting to learn about systemic racism and...
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