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Why the Word 'Millennial' Makes Me Cringe
Author John Green discusses the downside of labeling millennials, especially if you're trying to attract young adults.
Church Recovery Guide: Adapt and Thrive After a Crisis
This short book provides advice and steps to lead a congregation through crisis. These insights are valuable for major change or crisis, especially COVID-19.
Resilient Church Leaders: Clinical Thoughts
This article helps leaders reflect upon personal mental health and professional limits to care for parishioners with mental health needs.
This premier consulting agency works with churches for hiring staff, succession planning, and building staff culture.
35 by Her Thirty-Fifth: Affirmations and Strategies for Women
This article offers personal and professional affirmations for women to lead.
Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change
Written by an organizational consultant, this book contains examples and strategies for healthy transitional changes that can be applied in congregations.
web resource
Clergy Sexual Misconduct: Awareness and Prevention
Baylor University’ s website offers individuals and congregations several resources related to clergy sexual misconduct which touch upon topics such as hints for preventing abuse, the civil and criminal consequences of sexual misconduct, and the vulnerability of both clergy and laypeople in counseling sessions.
Creating a Congregational Culture of Validation
This article reveals how validation fosters flourishing congregations and lists three ways leaders can infuse validation into congregational life.
Youth Ministry in the 21st Century: Five Views
In this book, five youth ministers discuss, compare, and contrast how to foster spiritual growth.
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