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Practical Models of Church Governance
This one-page article describes five different types of church governance.
Church Governance: Exploring a variety of models for elder-minister relationships and leadership...
This report from the Siburt Institute for Church Ministry provides seven brief case studies...
Church Governance and the Most Common Types
This video from the Assemblies of God Rocky Mountain Ministry Network outlines the three...
Preaching Online to a Virtual and Real Audience
This 45-minute video from Church Media Creators features an interview with Jared Wellman...
web resource
Making Space Podcast
This podcast explores how physical spaces (especially congregational spaces) form and shape...
web resource
The Five Models of Church Governance (and how they cope under pressure)
This article from Australia shares five models of congregational governance structures.
Different Forms of Church Government
This article briefly outlines the three primary forms of church governance.
web resource
This Hunger for Holiness: An Interview with Barbara Brown Taylor
This interview between Krista Tippett and preacher/teacher Barbara Brown Taylor captures a...
Analog Church: Why We Need Real People, Places and Things in the Digital Age
This book by Jay Kim argues that physical spaces are still relevant and important for...
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