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GenOn Ministries
This organization provides a wide range of services and curricula to foster faith...
Faith Inkubators
This organization provides curricula and tools that help congregations equip parents to be...
This go-to family ministry resource offers blogs, curricula, events, and podcasts to...
Pastor Serve
This organization offers coaching, crisis support and consulting for the challenges leaders...
This software offers live streaming and recording from a computer browser, allowing for...
Responding to Gun Violence Concerns at Churches
This short article provides perspective and ideas for congregational security options.
Secure Community Network: Houses of Worship
This article shares the possible threats and their effects on synagogues.
web resource
Guide for Developing High-Quality Emergency Operations Plans for Houses of Worship
This four-section guide developed by FEMA helps congregational leaders create an...
web resource
Safety Library: Tips, Tutorials, and Checklists to Help Manage Ministry Risks
Brotherhood Mutual insures many of America's congregations and related ministries. This...
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