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Accounting and Money for Ministerial Leadership: Key Practical and Theological Insights
This book written by a seminary professor introduces faith leaders to basic accounting, financial documents in a church, good practices and money as it relates to theology.
Ministry and Money: A Practical Guide for Pastors
Written by an accounting professor and theology professor, this book is a practical overview of accounting practices, financial reports and budgets to help leaders manage money in the church.
The Budget-Building Book for Nonprofits: A Step-by-Step Guide for Managers and Boards
This workbook provides a comprehensive and systematic approach to budgeting, ranging from the basics to sound strategies and processes.
Money and Faith: William G. Enright and the Big American Taboo
This article teaches the redemptive link between faith and money, highlighting a philosophy of generosity from the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving and Rev. Dr. William Enright.
Construction Cost is Only Part of the Church Project Budget
This straightforward article lists the phases of a building project and highlights costs to be included in a realistic project budget.
African American Church Management Handbook
This thorough handbook has advice for all aspects of management in the Black Church including theoretical principles, theology and the nuts and bolts of administration.
Setting Wages and Benefits for Church Staff
This five-part guide provides technical and creative insights to manage personnel, budgets and IRS compliance to retain the best possible staff.

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Kate is the associate director for resources at the Center for Congregations. She manages educational resources and works to get the best resources into the hands of congregations.

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