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COVID Vaccine - What To Know


6 Resources
Bio-Ethical Questions about COVID Vaccines
This Christianity Today article provides data, historical context, and Christian perspectives...
The Church has a Role to Play in Implementing COVID Vaccine
This article explores biblical reasons to support the COVID-19 vaccine with actionable steps...
Vaccination Sites Opening at African-American Churches
This article outlines how churches are distributing the COVID-19 vaccine.
With Science and Scripture, Pastor Fights Vaccine Skepticism
Pastor Terris King shares how he encourages COVID-19 precautions in black communities through...
Responding When People Disagree with Your Church Reopening Plan
This article provides six ways for leaders to handle conflict and pushback about reopening.
When Will Churches Be Back? Vital Info for Churches
This brief interview provides a data-driven perspective about vaccines and when it's safe to...

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Aaron Spiegel

Aaron Spiegel directs the Congregational Resource Guide and is Center for Congregations’ information technology director. He is a rabbi, author, and president of the Synagogue Studies Institute.

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