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Christian Practices of Reconciliation

In a divided world, the longing for reconciliation runs deep. One in six individuals stopped speaking to a family member after the 2016 election. One report found that 93% of Americans wish they could do better, but don’t know how. What if we could lead through disagreements in ways that deepen discipleship instead of division?


5 Resources
Abortions, Guns and Trump: A Church Group Tries to Navigate America's Divisions
This article outlines how one congregation deals with political polarization among its...
The Colossian Forum
This organization helps Christian communities use cultural conflicts as opportunities for...
The Easiest Person to Fool
This podcast episode from Hidden Brain explores how culture celebrates uncertainty. Then it...
When the Center Does Not Hold: Leading in an Age of Polarization
This book offers practical mentor tips to help leaders navigate polarized environments.
You Are What You Love: The Spiritual Power of Habit
This resource invites readers to align their faith and beliefs with their behaviors.

Guest Contributor

Michael Gulker

Michael Gulker is president of The Colossian Forum. He has a long-standing interest in the oft-times contentious intersection of faith and culture and how both thrive best when rooted in worship. During his ten years at The Colossian Forum, Michael has become a leader in helping to turn conflict into an opportunity for deeper discipleship and a more beautiful witness. He can be found on Facebook or at Linkedin.

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