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Church Administration Resources


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From the Staff From the Staff
Leadership and Management
Many congregational leaders know the importance of clear mission and vision statements. However,...
From the Staff From the Staff
One Budgeting Idea when Funds are Scarce
Sometimes funds are scarce. God has created the world abundant with water, trees, blue skies and...
Administration In the Small Membership Church
This book identifies administration and leadership as crucial components for the small church,...
AdMinistry: The Nuts and Bolts of Church Administration
This book offers insight to manage a budget, organize personnel, and deal with the technical...
African American Church Management Handbook
This thorough handbook has advice for all aspects of management in the Black Church including...
Church Community Builder
This member management software connects congregations in its giving, volunteers, small...
web resource
Church Management Software Research
This webpage offers information to help congregations navigate the evaluation and purchase...
How to Choose Software to Manage Your Church
This quick and simple overview is a helpful introduction for congregations considering...
Who Should be at the Table?
This article highlight the various stakeholders who should be included in the decision-making...

Church Administration Resources

Your church administration’s structure might be steadfast, but each day presents a variety of challenges that test even the best leaders. From internal struggles to logistical issues, each problem demands an effective solution.

The CRG (Congregation Resource Guide) is an online collection of church administration resources designed to help leaders of all congregations address their specific needs. These resources can help improve an administrator’s skills as well as the quality of a congregation.

We will help you discover how to successfully form your church administration structure and run your congregation. You will also learn what kind of person is a good fit for the administrator role. You'll never be in the dark again regarding what needs to be done and how to do it.

From faith to finance, the CRG's many resources come in various formats such as:

  • articles
  • books
  • periodicals
  • podcasts
  • videos
  • software

You can also find links to web resources and organizations specializing in strengthening church administration and leadership.

The CRG's relevant and robust collection is curated by a passionate group of experts and staff members of the Center for Congregations. This group offers no-cost consulting, low-cost education events, and grants to Indiana congregations. Every dedicated member of the CRG team has years of experience with connecting congregations with the help they need.

The CRG provides information and options without telling you what to do. You decide what resources you want to use. You have the freedom to educate yourself at your own pace. The CRG simply gives you the tools you need to meet every challenge head-on.

  1. Qualities Of A Church Administrator

Looking at an average church administrator job description, you'll find the following skills are required:

  • to understand the principles of church administration
  • great communication skills
  • can build strong teams
  • demonstrate leadership
  • mentoring skills
  • efficient time management
  • the ability to be fair and unbiased

If you search the CRG website for; qualities of a church administrator; you'll find an absolute abundance of resources that will help you improve any skill you find yourself lacking. Over a thousand resources are only a few clicks away.

You can watch a video that will help you have better one-on-one conversations. You can also find links to websites that will help you better manage the staffing and human resources of your congregation. You can search for any topic and get a list of results that are sure to improve all of your interpersonal and administrative skills.

Bettering yourself as an administrator builds a better congregation. When people see how well you handle any situation, they'll feel confident and inspired to make changes to their own lives. Your professional qualities make a personal difference.

  1. Church Administration Training

Self-improvement never really ends. There's always that one skill or trait that needs work. When your congregation realizes that you are always trying to better yourself, they'll follow suit.

Perhaps you're new to the field and need an introduction to church administration. It doesn’t matter if you simply starting out or are just curious. You'll find church administration training help on the CRG's website for every level of knowledge. Reading and watching the invaluable content that's offered will help you reach the next level of competency.

The CRG offers guides on church administration training in PDF formats among others. You can read informative articles written by people willing to share their experiences to help you get through yours.

What you can't find on the site itself, you'll find on other websites via links. These web resources contain clear, easy-to-read descriptions of what the websites offer, who they are best for and if they are free or not. You'll appreciate this transparency the longer you search for resources. You'll save time by quickly getting what you need.

If you ever get lost, the CRG offers online help and the ability to chat with an expert.

  1. Church Administration Skills

To excel at your job, you not only need a basic comprehension of what’s needed, but a set of skills to help you complete the task. This is true with all jobs.

At its core, church administration and management are no different from other jobs. The only other essential skill is to be an upstanding representative of the congregation. You have to shine at connecting and inspiring people.

The CRG will help you master every aspect of church management. Your abilities and your congregation will stand out in no time. You will show people who they truly are, making them recognize their gifts and talents. 

A website search for “church administration skills” yields a bounty of assistance. You can read about the ins and outs of church administration in PDF formatted materials. You can learn about church departments and their functions, in PDF materials also, and apply their lessons to your own organization.

Training is the only way to improve. The CRG provides a multitude of learning aids in nearly every known format. The website's search engine is extremely useful in honing in on what you need. The website's layout is clear and user-friendly. All of the ingredients are in place for you to continue your professional and personal education.

  1. Church Resources

The CRG encourages faith leaders to complement their own abilities with the resources found on the website. This melding fosters new opportunities and creative solutions. Take what you know, combine it with what you learn, and create a fresh experience.

However, sometimes you already know how to handle a situation or perform a task. You might need a refresher or some tips to help you do the job more efficiently.

You can find plenty of assistance among the many church resources on the CRG's website. Some of the topics the CRG covers include:

  • building issues
  • congregational vitality
  • COVID-19
  • information technology
  • public ministry
  • religion in America
  • specialized ministries
  • spirituality
  • worship

You'll also find information about finance, including budgeting and funding subjects. You'll have access to church media resources like stock photos and informative videos. These media resources can improve the visuals in your congregation and on social media, increasing engagement. They'll help you find new ways to consider current faith issues.

The CRG boasts a plethora of free church resources, but there are some assets that require payment. You shouldn’t let anything deter you from checking out what the CRG has to offer.

  1. Free Church Administration Courses

It's not enough to read up on the methods and tactics of effective congregation management. You need to complete church administration certification courses in order to prove you're capable of leading and running a congregation.

What do you need to get a church administration certificate online?

You can find out all the details by searching the CRG. You'll find free church administration courses along with paid options offered by such institutions as:

  • Leadership Transformations, Inc.
  • International Facility Management Association
  • National Association of Church Facilities Managers
  • Leadership Institute at Union Presbyterian Seminary
  • Whitworth University Office of Church Engagement

While you can learn about the skills you would need for certifications via the website, the CRG offers no courses. Basically, the CRG provides church administration notes for you to study for your evaluations. You can feel confident knowing you can study the material that is expertly chosen for people just like you.

With a proper certificate, you’ll be able to build an effective management framework and further your congregation’s missions through marketing, communication, and human resource practices.

  1. Church Smart Resources

There's one more resource the CRG presents to you. Church Smart Resources provides books, workshops, and assessment tools focusing on congregation health, leadership development, and conflict resolution. They'll teach you how to:

  • become more assertive.
  • deal with conflict.
  • prioritize worship.

Once you've learned this important lesson, you can apply your knowledge to solve all the other problems you and your congregation might encounter.

The costs vary by service and product, but there are free, downloadable resources to share with your congregation.

A church management PDF document can’t teach you everything there is to know, but it is a valuable resource. The helpful information on the CRG alone can’t teach you either. You need to continually educate yourself to satisfy your congregation's needs, whether they be faith-based or organizational. It doesn’t matter what type of congregation you lead. They all face the same obstacles at one time or another. The CRG is here to assist you.

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