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Church Membership Apps


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This comprehensive app and online engagement platform helps ministries connect with...
This free mobile app empowers congregations to offer online giving.
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Guest Contributor

Kate White

Kate was the associate director for resources at the Center for Congregations. She managed educational resources and worked to get the best resources into the hands of congregations.

Church Membership Apps

The CRG is a digital Congregational Resource Guide. It's one of the best ways to find the church membership software you need, as well as the church app and website creator that is perfectly suited to your needs. 

Whether you use a mobile device or desktop computer, the CRG has its own in-built search engine to show you curated resources. 

It offers a wealth of information and services you can use for your congregation. No matter what niche or generic help you need, can help you get the resources you desire. The CRG has plenty of useful software, such as church membership software and church management information system, which can help you keep track of membership. 

With the resources curated by the CRG, you can find ways to track membership and attendance with ease and reliability. You can also find event management systems and forms. 

Congregations everywhere have benefited from the increased convenience of accounting software. For example, many have seen increased donations via empowering community apps.

Every single giving platform is legitimate and secure. We want to give you that same sense of security and comfort you offer your members, after all

If you want to build a better sense of connection within your congregation, the CRG is a great place to find a church member app that helps organize events and gatherings

In terms of pricing, there is a great variation. Some services are subscription-based, others are a one-time fee. A great amount of church membership software is either completely free or offers a helpful free trial. No matter what your budget is, you can find the resources you need on the CRG.

Below, we will explore what the CRG entails, what you can find in terms of church membership apps and membership management software, and so much more.

Best Church Apps

The Congregational Resource Guide (CRG) has a wide selection of the best church apps available today. 

Because of the current state of the world, it has become a common requirement for congregations to be led online, and online only. That has created increased concerns for how bills should be paid, how donations work, and how gatherings can be best organized.

The guide is carefully curated by experts who understand the worries congregation leaders have today, while also looking towards the future so you can stay up-to-date on all things congregation-related. 

Each software listing comes with detailed app descriptions, such as what the software offers, what it’s recommended to be used for, who should use it, and of course, what the price is. 

If you want a free app, all you have to do is search for “free” during your use of the CRG’s search tool.  If you ever need help with a specific kind of challenge within your congregation, check out the CRG’s online tools and resources. 

With the CRG, you can find whatever you need to manage your congregation more successfully. The CRG includes a lot of free church apps that are easy to use. 

If you want a solid ministry app, for example, the CRG is a great resource for finding the best desktop and ministry mobile apps out there. 

On, each online church app you view may be added to a collection for your convenience. 

If you’re not totally sure what church app ideas are optimal for your congregation, CRG includes reliable and relevant information on each of its listed options. 

For example, if you want a ministry mobile app, all you have to do is search for that in the CRG. You will instantly get relevant results.

We also have a comprehensive directory to help you navigate through what can be a confusing world of links. 

If you want to peruse through the latest news on which apps have the best reviews and best reception from members, the CRG also publishes frequent articles on which software could help you manage your members.

Custom Church Apps

Some congregations may benefit from building custom church apps for their congregation to use. 

That’s why the CRG also offers resources on each type of app creator for churches so that you may find the best church apps for your congregation. There are many church mobile app templates as well as desktop versions, depending on your needs. 

For example, if you want to see what software can create the best custom church ministry apps, CRG has plenty of listings that offer free, customizable branding that can help you increase donations and create a better organization of payroll and accounting. 

The CRG is a fantastic resource that can help you evaluate needs, find the best church ministry app for your congregation, and manage everything both cost- and time-efficiently. 

Some apps work off of a subscription fee, but the CRG strives for utmost transparency about how each of the listed resources works, payment-wise. 

Other apps will work with a single cost per transaction. This tends to be more common in online donation software since there are clear markers as to when a gifting happens.

There are many benefits to enlisting the help of a developer, contractor, or company that specializes in building apps for congregations. The biggest one is you’re building up something for your congregation, and that makes it far more special than an impersonal template.

The second reason is that you can control what functions your congregation’s app needs. A secure donation feature? A calendar with event creation and invitation functions? A community builder that has check-ins? 

With the CRG, you can even find special apps that offer virtual and on-site training with customization options. Embrace the extra freedom, convenience, and ease of donations the Congregational Resource Guide gives.

Free Church Membership Software

Leaders of all congregations need the most dependable resources to address their needs and manage any challenges. Google is a way to find the most search engine optimized sites out there, but it doesn’t necessarily show which resources are actually the most useful.

That’s where the CRG comes in to help you tackle management and membership concerns. 

The CRG has a ton of online resources to help you choose which software is best for you.

With the CRG, you can get free church membership database download options. With it, you can find the free church membership software that best suits you.

Each congregation has its own specific needs. Having a good and reliable way to check attendance is very important, especially since it can also impact financial needs. 

The CRG has specially curated a collection of free check-in apps for churches. Never miss an attendee’s appearance, but also know who’s not there when you expected them to be. 

These days, information technology is crucial, so it’s important to have a cleanly organized church database. The CRG offers a great list of free church database template options, that way you can customize everything for your own community’s needs. 

Church Management Software

With the CRG, you can find the best CRM for churches. 

CRM stands for customer relationship management, and in many ways, churches are run like a business. And yet, in other ways, churches are also completely different. You can’t really afford to make any missteps when managing your church, because the repercussions can be heavy on your community. 

That’s why it’s recommended to use the latest church management software to help you with your community’s relations. By checking out the CRG’s curated resources featuring various kinds of church CRM software, you can optimize the way your congregation is managed.

Though you might want your congregation’s community to be strong and tight-knit, able to give to each other with ease, as the management, there are plenty of complications occurring behind the scenes. 

With mobile or desktop church management software, you can be in control of what happens in your congregation. Keep track of attendance, get proper data analysis on the people who are in or may join as members, and more. 

If you would prefer something unique for your congregation, there are not only apps with customizable options but also methods to connect with software developers themselves. That way, you can turn the vision you see into a real application.

Church Accounting Software

Finances for a congregation can be complicated to manage. Especially in recent times, it has become almost a necessity to manage everything via online tools, and that can be tough to navigate because not every financial software you find on the web is trustworthy. That is why they need efficient free church accounting software.

The CRG has collected the best church accounting software that you can get and put it all together in a curated resource guide, just for you. You can search for what you want by filters such as category, collections, or by freely searching in the on-site search engine. 

If you want a completely free church management software, the CRG has plenty for you to choose from.

The CRG values transparency and usefulness, so our resource guide doesn’t obfuscate when it comes to what a desktop or mobile app offers. The CRG points out each software’s selling points and what its recommended uses are. 

As for accounting software, that’s a big worry for many congregations.

There are many church accounting software options, but not all of them are safe and secure. The process of taking care of a church treasurer, donations, bills, revenue––these are all factors that make running a congregation much harder than it seems. 

The apps in the resource guide range from complex to easy to use. They can help you organize donations more easily so that your community can focus on giving, and not on whether their payment methods are secure enough.

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