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Church Planning Resources

Liminal seasons can be tough to navigate. Having a detailed church plan can help boost your congregation's communal purpose and sense of direction. Fortunately, it could be possible for all types of congregations to make strategic and long-term plans.

If you are looking for guides on how to best plan your congregation, you can find such church planning resources answering these questions on The CRG's website. The Congregational Resource Guide (CRG) has comprehensive information on church planning resources and collections of other information that may be helpful to any congregation.

The CRG's guides can also help you to lead during times of transition, otherwise known as "liminal space" or "a liminal season.” In today's day and age, technological advances and societal changes have greatly changed how many congregations may interact with their members. The growth of the congregation may either be positively or negatively impacted by technology.

By developing and sticking to an effective plan, you may be able to leverage helpful software and resources to improve your congregation.

Our website contains curated resources and articles and how you might want to devise a church annual plan for your congregation. Clear congregational strategies can help leaders and groups reach people who might not join their communities otherwise.

In addition, when congregation leaders put in place strong strategies with the help of The CRG, they may be able to reach out to those who are in need of them more easily too. Congregational leadership groups might also want to consider how well they are using the strategy they have devised, as well as the effectiveness of that chosen strategy.

It can be hard for congregations to survive in the modern era, especially with recent times that may have changed the way members interact in their community. By having a strong strategy, your organization can survive these modern times better and be able to help those in need with more ease.

Church Planning

There are congregation management software solutions that may help your congregation with strategic church planning. The CRG has a curated collection of church planning ideas that can help you do strategic planning for churches.

When it comes to developing a plan and strategizing, it is often the first step of how to begin that causes the most struggle and doubt. It is completely understandable that your congregational leaders may have trouble or hesitate in how to approach an action plan.

A church action plan sample may be able to help. It can include steps for either the short term or the long term. The CRG is an online resource that can provide your congregation with how you might be able to put together a solid action plan.

On The CRG, you may be able to search for and take inspiration from sample action plans that other leaders have implemented for their congregations. The CRG's collection of action plan templates and examples can help your congregation better deal with uncertainties and challenges.

By using a template, you may also be able to create plans more easily. That is because you would not need to start all the way from scratch to create an action plan. If you are dealing with a liminal space (AKA transition), this can provide you with crucial help on how to lead.

Church 5 Year Strategic Plan

You can find resources on The CRG's website about how to devise a strategic plan for church growth. Some congregations may want to devise a church 5-year strategic plan in order to facilitate matters related to their congregation over the course of several years.

If you check out The CRG's online strategic plan template for churches collection, you may be able to save time and create a congregational 5 year plan or church 3 year plan with a better understanding of what you are aiming for with your congregation. By viewing and/or utilizing these templates, you may avoid having to create your church strategic planning questions without help or advice.

You can also view sample church strategic plan examples so you may be able to get a better grasp on how other congregational leaders have successfully run their congregations. It may be a good idea to take a look at examples of other congregations that have the same number of members as yours, as similar population size can perhaps result in the same needs, goals, and challenges.

Once you are done viewing The CRG's sample planning strategies and templates, you may be more confident and find a good direction for your own congregation to be led.

Church Vision Plan

You can find resources on The CRG's website about church vision.

A strategic church vision plan can help your congregation achieve its goals. By having a clear pastors vision, you can help bring your congregation to the place you want it to be.

When congregational leaders are wondering about how they can put together a vision plan, it may be valuable to reach out to members of the congregation with questions. Thus, an annual strategic planning survey may be a good way to find out how your congregation may be able to improve in quality for the sake of its members.

Useful questions may include asking your members what was satisfactory each year, and what they want to have changed for the next year. Depending on the way people answer, you may want to revise your action plan in a certain way so as to best grow your community.

Of course, your congregation does not have to heed everything your members say in those surveys. Each congregation may have its own traits and individual members may simply not find your congregation to be suitable for them.

However, do note that if many survey responses echo the same concern, that could be a question your congregation should tackle in your plan.

Annual Church Planning Calendar

There may be plenty of compatible congregation management software solutions that may help with planning and coordinating an annual church planning calendar for you. The goal of the annual church planning calendar is to help congregation leaders organize their agendas for their congregations so that they can better serve those who attend their congregations.

With this in mind, the CRG offers a curated selection of software, which may include the best church calendar software for your specific congregational needs. You may also get a free download calendar template to help you with creating your planning calendar.

For many congregation leaders, it is important to perform church yearly planning so that you may have a grasp on how to better address issues facing your congregation. Your congregational structure may impact how you go about this, but it could be an effective idea to look at various church year plan sample options in order to create the best church calendar possible.

By having a good planning calendar, you can more easily create long-term plans for the future of your congregation while also possibly taking into account the needs of the members of your congregation. You may find these tools and materials on the CRG website.

Church Goals Examples

You can find resources on The CRG's website about planning and execution that can explain how you can possibly meet your congregation's goals. What smart goals for churches you set may greatly depend on the size of your congregation and the scope of your plans in mind. Small church goals that are directed towards short-term change can greatly differ from larger church goals.

If you are wondering about what to set as pastoral goals and objectives, The CRG may be able to assist by providing you with resources on church goal examples and how to set goals for your ministry

A goal example may be that you want to gain more attention from youth.

Many younger people these days are devoted to technology, fast-paced activities, and other hobbies that may interfere with how they interact or don't interact with your congregation. It is possible that you want to send out a survey and ask them what would help them increase their interest in contributing to and interacting with your community. In these scenarios, a regular outreach program may also be beneficial.

Without a solid foundation of the younger generation being interested and supportive of your congregation, it may be hard to navigate the future. The CRG may be able to help you devise a clear church goals plan with tangible church goals examples.

Sample Strategic Plan For Church Ministry

If you are looking for help on strategic planning, you can find resources on The CRG's website about the topic.

It can be helpful to look at a sample strategic plan for church ministry before you start to build up your own plans.

Of course, your congregational leaders don't need to follow the provided ministry strategic plan template and ideas blindly. It may be a good idea to meet with other leaders and members of your congregation to discuss and decide what parts of a church service planning template may help you, and which ideas can be simply discarded.

Not every template may match your needs perfectly, but by looking at a convenient collection of them with The CRG, you may be able to pinpoint which strategies should be put into your action plan. By seeing samples, it can help you decide whether an idea could be an effective action plan for the future for your congregation.

Keep in mind that when it comes to developing a church strategy, it does not have to be complex. You may not necessarily need a plethora of charts, spreadsheets, and presentations to create a strategy.

For example, a simple strategy might only consist of a one page ministry plan. Getting started on creating a plan may be one of the most important steps. Even just starting with one document of ideas can greatly help everyone in the congregation stay on the same page when it comes to running and contributing to the congregation.

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