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Make weekly worship and communication easier with free media assets, expert social media advice, and tools for planning.


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web resource
Pro Church Tools
This hub for digital media provides training, tutorials, free templates and tools for...
web resource
Creation Swap
This website offers media assets for congregational use including video, motion graphics,...
Social Media Church
This podcast features various church leaders discussing how they use social media to engage...
Less Chaos. Less Noise: Effective Communications for an Effective Church
Written by a communications expert, this book sharpens congregational practices to better...
web resource
Worship Design Studio
This website offers creative ideas and resources to turn worship into an integrated and...
web resource
The Work Of The People
This media library provides artistic visuals and creative short films that declare scriptural...

Guest Contributor

Kate White

Kate was the associate director for resources at the Center for Congregations. She managed educational resources and worked to get the best resources into the hands of congregations.

Church Creative Resources

A lot of congregation leaders out there may find themselves wondering how they can work to better hold the attention of people who come to their services. That is where creativity can come in handy. Luckily, there are many outside resources available that congregation leaders and staff may be able to use in order to enhance the quality of their worship services. The CRG has put together many church creative resources that can be helpful.

There are lots of online resources for churches available out there, including free church media graphics. By taking advantage of visual media church options, it can be made easier for church leaders to hold the attention of those who are in the audience. Many churches even have a group called a church media squad. Oftentimes, it is the responsibility of this group to take a closer look at some of the outside resources which could potentially help increase the quality of worship services. This could include things such as pictures, videos, or other resources that can help encourage the entire congregation to get involved.

Whether churches are using images, music, or movies for ministry, small groups, and worship services, it can oftentimes prove to be helpful for them to try and collect feedback from members of the congregation. After all, the goal of the church media group is likely going to be to serve the members of the congregation. With this in mind, it can be good to see if they have any ideas on resources that could be helpful when it comes to developing a diverse worship service. If churches are able to adapt to modern times, they will perhaps be able to better place themselves in the best possible position to thrive. That is why it can possibly be seen as critical to rely on outside creative church resources that can help enhance not only worship services but also small group settings.

Free Church Media Resources

When churches are looking for media resources that can be helpful, they can sometimes be a bit hesitant to employ them. Churches usually operate on tight budgets, and thus, they may not want to spend a significant amount of money on church media resources. However, if this is the case, then it may be useful for them to know that there are free church media resources available for them out there, as well.

One of the most basic resources that churches may have to employ involves free church images. There are plenty of places where church leaders can go to collect images for use during their worship services and small group sessions. It may be important to note, however, that churches have to stay away from images that have been copyrighted or trademarked. Two of the locations that media leaders should perhaps explore are Pixabay and Unsplash, which have high-quality, professional images that everyone can access without having to worry about potentially using a copyrighted image. This could even turn into free church social media graphics.

It can also be helpful for church leaders to take a look at free church graphics templates. In a lot of situations, these are posted on blogs that are run by church leaders. These templates could alternatively even be broken down into helpful videos that are posted on YouTube. It can be a good idea for church leaders to consider exploring all of these options. By doing so, they can perhaps enhance the quality of their church media without having to worry about breaking the budget of the church.

Church Ministry Resources

It may also be a good idea for church leaders to explore church ministry resources, as there are plenty of ministry tools and resources out there that have been made available by different ministries of the church. For example, some church leaders may want to incorporate information that has been shared with them by their ministry outreach group. This can represent a great way for church leaders to share information on some of the positive things that the ministry group has been doing in the community. Furthermore, this could also help recruit other people to join that ministry group.

It could also be helpful to take a closer look at the church ministries list, including the youth ministry group. In a lot of situations, members of the younger generation may be more familiar with media and technology. They might also be able to provide church leaders with ideas regarding how to incorporate technology into their worship services.

Finally, there are small group ministry groups who may want to provide some input, as well. In a lot of cases, there may be themes to the various topics that small groups are studying. It can be seen as critical for church leaders to lean on these topics. That way, they may be able to incorporate some of the topics that the small groups are studying in their small group sessions into the larger worship service. This could prove to be a way to help hold people's attention, particularly if the church is discussing topics that are also being covered in small group sessions.

Ultimately, ministries can come in many shapes and forms, with some churches having more ministry groups than others. One thing that might be seen as important is that church leaders may need to speak with various leaders throughout their ministry groups. By doing so, they may be able to collect ideas regarding how they might be able to enhance their worship sessions. This can help go a long way toward growing the congregation of the church.

Graphic Design For Churches

When it comes to graphic design for churches, it can be a good idea to take a closer look at church media packages. There are various free church resources out there that could be helpful when it comes to graphic design. For instance, there could be free still worship backgrounds which are particularly helpful for churches that are still holding virtual worship sessions.

There are several principles that might prove worth every church leader following when it comes to graphic design. The first principle to consider is alignment and making sure that all elements of the graphic design package have been properly aligned. Symmetry is critical. Once all the elements have been properly aligned, it is now time to focus on contrast. Alignment and contrast are not mutually exclusive. Contrast can be helpful because it can grab the attention of the person who is looking at that specific image.

Next, it might be good to think about balance. No matter how important one element of the graphic design process can be considered to be, the entire package also likely has to be appropriately balanced. If it is not balanced, then the theme can become distracting. This is something that all church leaders will likely want to try and avoid.

In addition, it can be good to think about hierarchy. When developing a strong plan for graphic design, some elements are often going to be more important than others, and elements that are of higher priority may naturally need to stand out. With this in mind, it may be worth trying to display them front and center.

Finally, repetition can also be seen as important when it comes to graphic design. Repetition is useful because it can create a sense of comfort and familiarity. If there is no repetition throughout the theme, then there is perhaps nothing at all. After all, something is called a “theme” because it governs the entire design pattern of that specific area. Do not hesitate to reach out to trained professionals for a helping hand, as graphic design can be challenging. It can also be good to remember that if there is a tight budget, there are still free resources available out there that can help.

Church Media Design

Churches may find themselves having to take advantage of media today. And while social media can be considered as one potentially useful type of media, images, music, and videos are also included in this category. As a result, it can be a good idea for church leaders to try and think about how they can perhaps put media to use for them. That is where church media design can be critical.

There are plenty of free church tools that are available out there. Conducting a church media drop from time to time can help church leaders develop a firm media plan. With access to free church sermon graphics and free church media videos, it is perhaps more possible than ever before for church leaders to produce media like professionals.

There's a lot to consider when looking at putting together a media plan. First, think about what types of media are likely going to be important to the church. This could include images, videos, and music. Second, it can be useful to discuss how often the church is likely going to produce these types of media. How often are pictures going to be posted? How often are videos going to be shared? Finally, church leaders might also benefit from thinking about who is going to be responsible for the church media plan. Is there anyone in the congregation who may have experience with media production? If so, it may be helpful to reach out to them for assistance. That way, the church will be able to know that its media plan is in good hands.

Church Media Tools

Finally, there are lots of church media tools available. Eventually, it may be time to invest in social media tools for churches and church media graphics. For example, it may be helpful for churches to find a free video editor. That way, it may be possible to add music to videos, change the camera angle, and cut a few seconds from videos here and there, if they are running a little too long.

It may also be helpful for church leaders to invest in an audio tool. This can prove to be helpful in multiple ways. If churches are sharing audio from their worship services or trying to overlay audio with the video, it may be a good idea to edit that audio before it is added. These audio tools might also be employed during worship services to help enhance the quality of the sound in the room.

Finally, there are also tools that may be able to expedite the process of media development. These tools might be able to automate certain tasks which used to be done by hand, and this can be particularly helpful for professional media editors who have experience producing audio, music, and videos for other industries. That way, churches can potentially get the most out of their media presence.

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