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Effective Religious Education


6 Resources
web resource
Precepts for Living Digital
This mobile-friendly website helps individuals and groups study the Bible in depth, anywhere...
Strategies for Educating African American Adults
This engaging, challenging, and practical book equips Christians to teach, learn, and prepare...
Strategies for Educating African American Children
This resource combines knowledge of the African American Sunday School tradition with insights...
web resource
Sunday School Center
This website offers Sunday School ideas, helpful advice, and much needed encouragement for...
Sunday School Made Simple
These weekly video lessons provide nourishment and scripture study at a distance or on-the-go....
web resource
This website offers African American resources for a wide range of denominations and...

Guest Contributor

Endon Perkins

Endon Perkins is a business educator and consultant. She has worked in a variety of areas, including administration, diversity and technology. A military veteran, Endon has worked with several ministries for youths and church outreach, volunteered in the local community with an afterschool program (By the Hand) for under-served children, and she taught at a local community center.

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