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End of Life Planning Conversations

This collection of resources is part of the Center for Congregation Season 3, Episode 7 podcast: Memento Mori.

Rev. Sabrina Gray discusses the importance of end of life planning, and talks through how leaders can initiate those conversations within their community.


4 Resources
Dem Dry Bones: Preaching, Death and Hope
This resource draws upon Ezekiel 37 and African American spirituals to offer a unique insight...
This short documentary highlights end-of-life care and challenging decisions families...
web resource
Five Wishes
This website offers practical kits and guides to help congregations document their medical...
web resource
The Conversation Project
This resource page helps congregations facilitate end-of-life planning and conversations.

Guest Contributor

Sabrina Gray

Rev. Sabrina Gray is the director of Planning Ahead which is a three-part program that helps participants map out their end-of-life plans.

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